Pieffe Studio

Story & Philosophy

Our product comes from a twenty-year experience gained in the women’s clothing industry and the need for a natural evolution of
knowledge gained over the years.
Four years ago we thought about going beyond the made in Italy and we made a bet focusing on territoriality.
We wanted to strengthen the concept and not just that, of Italian product, realizing an apparel that we can define “made in Tuscany”.
The idea was to use exclusively Tuscan materials, hence territoriality, excluding any fabric of import.
In these seasons we have managed to set up a series of collaborations, in particular with a wool factory based in Prato, with which thanks to their innovation we managed to realize a very unique product, exclusive to the chassis construction of our custom designs and with a strong Florentine characterization both in terms of design and taste.

When we thought of this new project, it still stiffened the nylon and looked illogical, but in these seasons the results have given us reason, multicolored knitted wool fabrics have been made, wools worn with very special workmanships.
A feature we struggled to maintain was artisanship because we are convinced that in this era of globalization it can be one of the reasons that prevents you from massaging trying to create a particular product but with personality.

Permanent Showroom for Export: Pieffe Studio is represented by Genesis Fashion Showroom in Milan.