Paola Davoli

Over 50 years of business experience in the manufacturing of Ladies’ knitwear.
We know how to do it and we do it well.
Our strong heritage is based on a know-how in the technical, style and research fields.
The history of our company and state-of-the-art technology keeps us ahead of times.
The past is a starting point from which to face continuous new challenges.
Nothing is left to chance: we do it because we know how to make it.
Every phase of the industrial cycle is checked, from the careful selection of raw materials to the finished products.
Our production processes, on time distribution, and worldwide sales network are our strong points.
The company’s know-how, combined with its made in Italy design, high quality materials, and the originality of the styles, form a priceless advantage.
Each single handcrafted garment is checked throughout the production process across a modern technology, and then followed by a committed Customer Care service.
The fabrics used, guarantee the extreme comfort of the garments, while ensuring easy maintenance over a long period of time, thanks to the quality born within. Starting with the manufacturing and throughout the whole production process, Paola Davoli’s social commitment embraces all the women and men who contribute to her success, both inside and outside the company, from suppliers to fashionistas, and from distributors to agents.

Paola Davoli will show at Genesis Fashion Show room Via Comelico 3, Milano