Maglificio Sorriso

Maglificio SORRISO has been producing women’s knitwear and t-shirts of fine quality since 1980, and specialises in the manufacturing of t-shirts and knitwear for the likes of young ladies that want to feel elegant and comfortable in any occasion with sizes up to 54.

Mixed yarns are versatile and allow the collections to be elaborated, with the addition of lace and other details for a trendy look that changes according to the mood.

Lines, shapes and colors are always up-to-date, the production is 100% Made in Italy and the quality is granted by the worldwide famous experience of the industrial pole of Carpi.

The quality, the constant research for the best mixed yarns, like merino, mixed merino an mixed cachemire. and the nicest designs are the Maglificio SORRISO’s strongest features and give a full satisfaction to the customers, that find an affordable and fashionable product to stay

Permanent Showroom for Export: Maglificio Sorriso is represented by Genesis Fashion Showroom in Milan.