Hot Plume

Pennetta Salvatore’s manufacturing company boasts 40+ years history and expertise in the production of outerwear, specialising in high quality goose down jackets that encompass all the styles: the vaste collections
With the Brand Hot Plume, the third generation of owners remains loyal to the inheritage: the production of high quality garments for Winter and Summer is 100% Made in Italy, and could be defined a “closed loop”: from a roll of fabric to the sale and the marketing of the final product. Every single detail, quality of the materials, packaging, comfort, look, is carefully evaluated.

Versatile and dynamic, Hot Plume satisfies a wide range of clients, styles and moods: renowned for the quality of the materials (100% new down), it combines the technical fabrics with perfect tailoring and captivating design.

Thanks to the different weights of the down, the garments are ideal for every Season: from the weekend outdoor, to the elegant occasions with the use of fur (fox, mink), short or long, they are always impeccable, comfortable and trendy.

 Permanent Showroom for Export: Hot represented by Genesis Fashion Showroom in Milan.