Donatella De Paoli

With 25+ years expertise and market presence, the Brand Donatella De Paoli – carrying the name of the designer – is produced by Spruzzi, a solid manufacturer that is able to give life to collections that are a beautiful mix of elegance and modernity.

Donatella De Paoli is a total look, complete and fashionable, with many themes for all accasions. The fabrics are important and of high quality.

The concept that inspires Donatella De Paoli’s collections is that every woman is marvellous and unique.

Putting maximum care on flawless fitting, the collections result in total looks that answer to one of the contemporary’s woman more frequent requests: to express the multiple shades of her personality, being able to combine her look according to ther mood, rather than to the fashion trends, in order to remain loyal to the thing that mostly matters to her: herself.

Permanent Showroom for Export: Donatella De Paoli is represented by Genesis Fashion Showroom in Milan.